Tuesday, April 20, 2010

May blocks

Updated to add: I've mailed the fabrics and instructions today, Thursday morning, May 6th. Keep an eye out for your little package.

I guess it's my turn now! I'm excited to share a technique, maybe new to you, maybe not, but I love these and wanted to share.

Last month I finished a wonky crumb block quilt for my number 2 son. I have two more quilts to make so that they all match, sort of, in their bedroom. Yes, I have three boys in one bedroom. This is so that I can have a sewing room/guest room. No, I'm not willing to share, haha. I'm sticking to the idea that this will make them better friends when they grow up. But, I digress...

So this month I'm requesting crumb blocks. I'd like them done in Americana colors, red, white/cream, blue and yellows with maybe a little sail boat-nautical theme thrown in.

There are tutorials all over the web. This one is my favorite for simplicity. If you'd like to see more ideas, look up things like crumb chaos blocks, mile a minute blocks, wonky log cabins, etc.

I'll be sending out packages of scraps and crumbs for you to start with, please add your own scraps if you have things that match.

I'd like them to be at least 11" square, but don't square them up. I'll do that right before I set them in rows. Make as many as you like. if one is all you feel inclined to do, that's fine, but trust me, these are like Lay's Potato Chips; you can't make just one.


  1. Ya gotta love some wonky log cabins, and anyone with 3 boys. :)

  2. I really can't wait to try this - it looks like so much fun!

  3. I got my envelope today but all it had in it were the instructions - no fabric. The envelope was not ripped but since it had a sticky opening (and was not taped down)- i guess it could have been opened and then resealed.

    Not sure what to do now.

  4. Received the new package (with fabric)...will work on my blocks this weekend. Thanks for resending.