Friday, December 17, 2010

December - String Quilt

For december -we are doing a string quilt. You can use either of the tutorials below - they differ slightly but both will work.

Note that for my block - please use starting block size: 6.5 inches (as the ps i quilt tute does).

Middle strip must be the white fabric.

You are welcome to add corresponding solids to the string blocks - but please no patterns.

You do not have to square the final block up. You should have leftover strips - please return those for other blocks I will need to make. I sent 4 of each color (8 colors total) and then randomly added extras to each bag.

Please have fun creating this block. Perfection is NOT required.

Fabric was shipped on Saturday (Dec 4) - sorry for my tardiness. November got away from me.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

November Blocks~Disappearing Nine Patch

Hi Ladies!
First of all, I have to apologize for getting the fabrics out to you all so late. We just moved across the country and everything was rather chaotic for a while...all our boxes aren't unpacked, but my sewing stuff finally is! :)
 So this month we are doing disappearing nine-patches...I've sent a variety of Lila Tueller fabrics, with one brown solid charm. If you could put the brown in the middle, that would be great!  Just arrange the cut pieces into a pleasing arrangement, then sew it up! Here's a wonderful tutorial for a DNP if you've never done one:
 Also, I have a new address--it's on the outside of your envelopes, but I will send you all a flickr mail too, just in case!  Thank you all so much, and I'm excited to see your blocks!


Saturday, November 13, 2010

First Wonky Log Cabin Finish

Hi everyone, I thought I would share my latest finish. I've completed the
second in a 3-part series of quilts for my three boys. They all share a
room that is decorated in red, white, blue, Americana prints with a healthy
dose of bears, trains and boats thrown in.

You'll see only 2 of the Bee Blocks here. The others had more red in them and will go in the third quilt. I'm really enjoying all the hard work you ladies did for me!

I made their curtains and some crib accessories when they were younger and
I've saved every scrap. (Thank you, Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville!) My first quilt was for my youngest, this one is for the middle boy and there is one more in the works
for my 8 yr old son, the oldest of the littles. Robbie, my middle boy, loves
Thomas the Tank Engine so his quilt is mostly blues with sunny Sodor Railway
yellows thrown in.

Robbie looked at it and found the letter "J" in the middle. (His middle initial.) I may have to add some alphabet blocks to the back.

I love making wonky log cabins and using up every crumb in these quilts.
This one is just a flimsy right now. I have about 20 extra blocks that will
go on the back side along with a Lionel Train panel that someone gave me.
(nothing wasted!)

Hopefully, I'll sandwich it tomorrow then I'll free motion quilt it after
the kids are done with their school lessons for the day.

Thanks for looking! I've enjoyed getting back to my sewing room finally!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

October is for Wonky Stars!

Hi Ladies,

For my month of October I have picked Wonky Stars. This block was picked out for my daughter, Alexandra. She's in her 1st year at college and living there, so I'm hopeful that when she goes back there for her 2nd semester she'll be able to take a little love from home with the help of all of you. Here's the site where you can get the directions: The Silly BooDilly

I'm asking you all to make 2- 12 1/2" blocks and am sending you all each 2 center squares of fabric in different prints, as well as the white background fabric. If you can only make 1 block, please send home the extra's so I can make more blocks for her quilt. All the fabric will need to be trimmed done to the 4 1/2 " directions size. I'm asking you all to use your own scraps to make the star points, so that will give it a colorful scrappy feel. If you don't feel like you have enough scraps to work with then just let me know and I'll send some with your package.



Friday, August 20, 2010

September's Block

Well, school is off to a flying start here in Tulsa and our temperatures are still in the HOT range. That's my color inspiration for this month's block: indian summer. Lots of red-orange, olive, teal, gold, forest green and plum.

The block inspiration comes from Little Miss Shabby and her Scrapbuster Block. You can find her tutorial here. Feel free to insert your own 1 1/2" squares if you would like, as long as it goes with the colors.

As I carefully created this block, minding my 1/4" seams, my block squared up to be about 11 1/2" square. So that's what I'm hoping for with your block. If it doesn't come out 11 1/2", don't worry. Just send it in ~ I'm looking forward to your blocks!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

August Blocks

Hi everyone. After much agonizing, I've finally decided on my blocks for the bee. I would like everyone to make improv pieced cross blocks. Above are some examples/inspiration photos. Three of the four are made with the fabrics I am sending. I would prefer them to be crosses, not plus signs and more rectangular than square. There can be one cross or several in a block. I will be sending enough fabric, but feel free to add your own touch if you'd like, but the colors are black, gray, kiwi, cream and aubergine. I would prefer no additional colors. No stress with these blocks. Straight or wonky, border or no border, perfect or imperfect (there is no imperfect). Please just have fun and enjoy the creative process. I can't wait to see the results. Thanks, Pam

Thursday, July 1, 2010

July Tutorial!

Hi everyone!  I'm mailing out your fabric tomorrow!  I included the template and fabric for 2 blocks.  I am including another tutorial here for you so you can see how to assemble the block.  It's super easy.  Each block takes 4 charms.  I included a border strip for each one.  One is orange the other is pink.  It should work out perfectly for you to make each block.  I am super excited! 


Monday, June 28, 2010

July Fabric is Ready to Go OUT!

Here is an example of what you will be making.  However, I didn't order enough of the border fabric.  So, if you could just send it back to me without the border.  I will send enough for each of you to make 2 blocks.  One will have a border and one will not.  That's okay, I'll just add the borders later.  If you only want to make one that is fine too...just send back the left over fabric.  This block took me about 20 minutes.  Easy Peasy. 
I'm so excited...this is going to be a very fun quilt!


Saturday, June 19, 2010

July Blocks!

I am thinking that I would love to do some Pinwheel blocks like these:

found here: Red Pepper Quilts
These are 3" with a 1" border.  I would like to make them 8" with a 1.5" border.  Finished they will be 9.5".

Here is the tutorial for the original size.  However, I will modify the template and include that in each package. 
I am terrible at Math, and Quilting math is worse.  So, to make sure I send you all the right amount, I will be making a few of these this weekend to see how much I need to send you.  I will send you enough fabric to make more than one, but you are not obligated.  I just ask that you return any fabric that is unused so I may squeeze it into more pinwheels.  :)  More pictures to come!


Friday, May 21, 2010

June Blocks

I have been going back and forth about which block I wanted. There are so many fun blocks it is very hard to choose just one! But I decided to go with circles.

THEME: Circles!
I am sending a large piece of pinkish lavender fabric to use for the background/main color and some scraps for you to use if you want. If you want to use my scraps for something else and use your own or use a combination of your scraps with my scraps for this block - that is wonderful. (I get bored with my own scraps so I won't care if you use yours) I want the circles to be bright and fun and if you want to do more than one I would love it. You can do just one circle on the block or lots of circles, stacked circles, random or lined up, appliqued or some other sewing method - this is pretty much up to you.

BLOCK SIZE: 12.5" finished

Can we add fabric from our stash: Sure! Just use the lavender as the main/ background color.

EMBELISHMENTS: I don't mind if you add embellishements that won't make it too hard to quilt - nothing too bulky - things like yo-yos or or buttons would probably be okay

THREAD COLOR: Either white or cream.

TUTORIAL: Here are some tutorials for circle blocks. You can use one of these or make up your own. I'm sure there are others, too.

INSPIRATION: Here are some more ideas from flickr.

ALSO: You can keep the colored scraps but please send any leftover lavender fabric back to me. I want to make a twin/full quilt so I might to need to add some blocks.

I will have the fabric in the mail on Monday.
Thank you so much ladies! I can't wait to see all your blocks!!!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Progression ...

I know you ladies have been wondering where your blocks are going ... sigh ... I've been busy.  I'm still in the process of organizing and cleaning up my studio.  Luckily, the big parts are finished.  All that's left to do is install the baseboards (I was going to do it myself, but I don't think I'll have the time now), and the AC duct work needs to be fixed.  Obviously, I can't do anything about that myself, so as soon as $$ allows, we'll have the pros out here to do their job.

In the meantime, I've been putting ALL of my craft stuff in this room.  There are so many things everywhere, and I've been trying to keep groups of "like things" together.  So, all of your blocks (and extra strips) were in the same place - I just didn't know where that place was. 

I found them today.

So, I uploaded shots of what I've received so far.  Unfortunately, I didn't keep the packaging that came with the blocks, so I have no idea who sent what.  I'm hoping that you ladies will remember what blocks you made, and you'll indicate which block is yours with notes on Flickr.  That way, I can update my "received from" list in our group.

On a related note, I have to tell you guys that I absolutely ADORE this quilt so far.  I can't believe how great it looks - even unfinished like it is!  I can foresee us fighting over this quilt on movie nights FOR SURE.  You guys do amazing work, and a couple of you have schooled me on the seams ... I think I like them pressed open for the big "X" part.  It seems to make it easier and it lays flatter.  Or maybe that's just my imagination ...

Anyway, thanks again for trudging along with me through this block.  I know it probably seemed overwhelming for some of you, but so far, you guys are doing an amazing job!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

March Blocks

FINALLY uploading a picture of all of the cute blocks from March...  see the hole.. that is where mine will go when I make it!  Thank you girls for such amazing blocks I love them all and I am sorry for not getting them up here faster.

One of these days i will make my block and turn this into a quilt!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

May blocks

Updated to add: I've mailed the fabrics and instructions today, Thursday morning, May 6th. Keep an eye out for your little package.

I guess it's my turn now! I'm excited to share a technique, maybe new to you, maybe not, but I love these and wanted to share.

Last month I finished a wonky crumb block quilt for my number 2 son. I have two more quilts to make so that they all match, sort of, in their bedroom. Yes, I have three boys in one bedroom. This is so that I can have a sewing room/guest room. No, I'm not willing to share, haha. I'm sticking to the idea that this will make them better friends when they grow up. But, I digress...

So this month I'm requesting crumb blocks. I'd like them done in Americana colors, red, white/cream, blue and yellows with maybe a little sail boat-nautical theme thrown in.

There are tutorials all over the web. This one is my favorite for simplicity. If you'd like to see more ideas, look up things like crumb chaos blocks, mile a minute blocks, wonky log cabins, etc.

I'll be sending out packages of scraps and crumbs for you to start with, please add your own scraps if you have things that match.

I'd like them to be at least 11" square, but don't square them up. I'll do that right before I set them in rows. Make as many as you like. if one is all you feel inclined to do, that's fine, but trust me, these are like Lay's Potato Chips; you can't make just one.

Monday, March 22, 2010

house block for Jen

I had never made house blocks before and though I've seen them around, I never really saw what was so special about them.  BUT. O---M---G!
houses are so fun to make!
So thanks Jen, for turning me into a house block addict.  I just started a house quilt for my sister...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

More Fun Blocks

Got two more blocks last week!  Hope I tag them right>>EEEK
Need to iron them all, but wanted to get them up for everyone to see!

 Darling house From Sarah, Love the polka dot roof!

 Super cute house From Tanya, love the off center door!  My husband saw me open this one and he was like" the roof is crooked"  I laughed and said that is the way it is supposed to be WONKY! He acted like he understood, but he is Mr. orderly... so pretty sure he didn't get it!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

First Blocks Received

I received my first set of blocks the other day, from Mary.

They are super cute!  
Too bad the lighting wasn't great when I was taking the pics, the colors look a bit off:(

I love the pathway fabric that Mary added from her stash!
Guess I better Hurry up and make mine!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Thinking ahead ...

I managed to finish Jen's block today.  I have a confession to make ...

I am HORRIBLE at anything wonky. 

There, I said it.  Jen, I know you asked for wonky houses, or wonky log-cabin houses, but I'm just not a very wonky person.  I definitely tried though, and this is what I came up with:

So, just for future reference to all my other bee-buddies, when you ask for wonky, expect my block to be not-so-wonky.   *sigh*

I'm also thinking ahead to April since it's my month. 

My husband puts up with a lot of stuff around here.  I'm constantly putting fabric, craft stuff, and various other bits of mess around the common living spaces of our house.  My studio has been in a constant state of transition, and will be finished soon, but in the meantime the rest of the house has suffered.  He's always asking me when I'm going to do something for him ...

Well, I decided that I would be using April as an opportunity to offer him a "peace offering" so to speak for putting up with my junk and disorganization.  April's block will also be a scrap-buster for me, so that I don't have to worry about so many bits of fabric laying all over the place.

I found this block on Flickr about a month ago.  I asked where I could find the tutorial, and there are a couple of resources.  Here are the links:

Nittany Block

Quiltville tutorial

We're actually making the Nittany version, with the white outline that sort of "blocks" the X in from the background fabric.

I have a couple of requests:

1.  Please make sure that your white lines match up well.  If you're not good at points, send me your smaller blocks and I will match them up myself.  Just don't trim them to points either, that way I have the extra fabric in the blocks to work with.

2.  Please add scrap from your stash also.  I don't care what it looks like, I don't care if it's "ugly" either.  This is a quilt for my husband, and it's a scrap buster.  In the grand scheme of things, you probably won't notice a weird piece of fabric or two.

3.  If your scraps that you've received have interesting details (faces, designs, whatever), please fussy cut those details to incorporate into the X design.  See how I fussy cut the goldfish in the bag fabric?  I want to be able to showcase some of the scrap designs.  

4.  As I stated above, I'm not a wonky person.  Please try to be precise with your X's.    ;o)  This is a block about patience and persistance. 

Other than that, please enjoy yourself when you make this block.  The dark green background actually has significance for him ... it's the school color for where he went to college (USF) and he's very proud of it.  I can't wait to present this quilt to him - thank you for helping me with this quilt!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fabric On it's Way

I was hoping to have the fabric in the mail yesterday, but everyone in my house is sick including me:(   Scarlette(baby) pretty much wants to be held 24/7 so not a lot has been getting done, not to mention Chad(hubby) was gone all week, I finally got to cut the fabric last night. Fabric is going out in tomorrows mail.I have included an info sheet with the bee name, month, theme.. etc.  If you wold like to use this form when it is your month, just let me know and I will email it to you.

Fabric all cut up, bagged and ready to go in envelopes.

Happy stitching!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

March Block

It is our first month and I am soooooo excited.  I have been wanting to make a wonky house quilt for a while now and have not had time with .. having a baby, packing, moving from NC to CA, unpacking, holidays... more unpacking.  I just unpacked all my quilting fabric yesterday... see this bee got me to finally do it.

Here are a couple shots of the fabric I am going to cut up and send to you girlies:)

It looks like a lot of fabric... it might be, but I want to have a good assortment to send to each of you.

THEME:  Wonky Houses/ Wonky Log Cabin Houses.  Either is fine with me, unless you guys think it will be weird to have both types?  Please make sure to use the Sky blue colors as the sky and the true greens as the grass:)

BLOCK SIZE: 12.5" finished

Can we add fabric from our stash:  Sure as long as it is not some random weird color like orange that doesn't match.

EMBELISHMENTS: I prefer nothing that is raised making it hard to quilt.  However, I am fine if you want to add trees etc. to the block, see examples.  Or if you happen to have a little gnome...unfortunately I do not have any of that darling fabric~

THREAD COLOR:  Either white or cream.

TUTORIAL:     If you know of any other great house tutorials, add them to flickr.

INSPERATION:  Here is a link to my flickr Faves, you can see all the fun wonky houses I love. My faves are the one with the gnome(pinks) and the mushroom shaped one.

I hope that covers it.  I will be mailing out fabric by Monday latest!

Monday, February 8, 2010


Welcome to our new online quilting bee. Enjoy as 12 quilters share their journey as they make quilt blocks for each other for the next year.  This will be a fun blog where we can showcase our blocks and become great friends!