Monday, September 20, 2010

October is for Wonky Stars!

Hi Ladies,

For my month of October I have picked Wonky Stars. This block was picked out for my daughter, Alexandra. She's in her 1st year at college and living there, so I'm hopeful that when she goes back there for her 2nd semester she'll be able to take a little love from home with the help of all of you. Here's the site where you can get the directions: The Silly BooDilly

I'm asking you all to make 2- 12 1/2" blocks and am sending you all each 2 center squares of fabric in different prints, as well as the white background fabric. If you can only make 1 block, please send home the extra's so I can make more blocks for her quilt. All the fabric will need to be trimmed done to the 4 1/2 " directions size. I'm asking you all to use your own scraps to make the star points, so that will give it a colorful scrappy feel. If you don't feel like you have enough scraps to work with then just let me know and I'll send some with your package.




  1. i will not have enough scraps (or a very limited offering)..please include some to spice up my options.