Friday, August 20, 2010

September's Block

Well, school is off to a flying start here in Tulsa and our temperatures are still in the HOT range. That's my color inspiration for this month's block: indian summer. Lots of red-orange, olive, teal, gold, forest green and plum.

The block inspiration comes from Little Miss Shabby and her Scrapbuster Block. You can find her tutorial here. Feel free to insert your own 1 1/2" squares if you would like, as long as it goes with the colors.

As I carefully created this block, minding my 1/4" seams, my block squared up to be about 11 1/2" square. So that's what I'm hoping for with your block. If it doesn't come out 11 1/2", don't worry. Just send it in ~ I'm looking forward to your blocks!

1 comment:

  1. This appears to be a popular choice for bee'll be the 2nd one I'll do for a bee this summer. Another bee member did the other version with all the 1 1/2" squares. So, I'm all ready to go. Should be neat to see your colors/version once it arrives.