Friday, May 21, 2010

June Blocks

I have been going back and forth about which block I wanted. There are so many fun blocks it is very hard to choose just one! But I decided to go with circles.

THEME: Circles!
I am sending a large piece of pinkish lavender fabric to use for the background/main color and some scraps for you to use if you want. If you want to use my scraps for something else and use your own or use a combination of your scraps with my scraps for this block - that is wonderful. (I get bored with my own scraps so I won't care if you use yours) I want the circles to be bright and fun and if you want to do more than one I would love it. You can do just one circle on the block or lots of circles, stacked circles, random or lined up, appliqued or some other sewing method - this is pretty much up to you.

BLOCK SIZE: 12.5" finished

Can we add fabric from our stash: Sure! Just use the lavender as the main/ background color.

EMBELISHMENTS: I don't mind if you add embellishements that won't make it too hard to quilt - nothing too bulky - things like yo-yos or or buttons would probably be okay

THREAD COLOR: Either white or cream.

TUTORIAL: Here are some tutorials for circle blocks. You can use one of these or make up your own. I'm sure there are others, too.

INSPIRATION: Here are some more ideas from flickr.

ALSO: You can keep the colored scraps but please send any leftover lavender fabric back to me. I want to make a twin/full quilt so I might to need to add some blocks.

I will have the fabric in the mail on Monday.
Thank you so much ladies! I can't wait to see all your blocks!!!!


  1. My blocks are done, I'm posting pictures on Flickr.
    These were certainly challenging for me, thanks for the fun sewing day!