Friday, May 7, 2010

Progression ...

I know you ladies have been wondering where your blocks are going ... sigh ... I've been busy.  I'm still in the process of organizing and cleaning up my studio.  Luckily, the big parts are finished.  All that's left to do is install the baseboards (I was going to do it myself, but I don't think I'll have the time now), and the AC duct work needs to be fixed.  Obviously, I can't do anything about that myself, so as soon as $$ allows, we'll have the pros out here to do their job.

In the meantime, I've been putting ALL of my craft stuff in this room.  There are so many things everywhere, and I've been trying to keep groups of "like things" together.  So, all of your blocks (and extra strips) were in the same place - I just didn't know where that place was. 

I found them today.

So, I uploaded shots of what I've received so far.  Unfortunately, I didn't keep the packaging that came with the blocks, so I have no idea who sent what.  I'm hoping that you ladies will remember what blocks you made, and you'll indicate which block is yours with notes on Flickr.  That way, I can update my "received from" list in our group.

On a related note, I have to tell you guys that I absolutely ADORE this quilt so far.  I can't believe how great it looks - even unfinished like it is!  I can foresee us fighting over this quilt on movie nights FOR SURE.  You guys do amazing work, and a couple of you have schooled me on the seams ... I think I like them pressed open for the big "X" part.  It seems to make it easier and it lays flatter.  Or maybe that's just my imagination ...

Anyway, thanks again for trudging along with me through this block.  I know it probably seemed overwhelming for some of you, but so far, you guys are doing an amazing job!!

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  1. those are AWESOME blocks! i really like them! :)